To provide a rich and balanced curriculum, where children will learn through their play in a happy, secure, well-planned environment with child initiated and adult led activities both indoors and outdoors.

To involve parents as partners working and talking positively together to provide the best opportunities for children to become confident and successful learners.

To ensure that all children feel valued, respected and included within our setting and are nurtured towards growing up with instilled secure British values from a young age.

To carefully manage the smooth transition between leaving their home and settling in to our nursery, as well as transition to school.

To provide excellent role models for the children in everything that we do, including within our relationships with other children, parents and staff.

To continually self-reflect and evaluate our practice so that we may always strive forward towards excellence in the provision we offer to our children and parents.

To ensure that children remain safeguarded and well cared for at all times.

We are an inclusive setting and do not discriminate against any person with regards to race, religion, national origin, gender, culture, marital status, family position, disability, needs or any other factors. Our policy for Equal Opportunities is applied and embedded within our practises at all times.