Under Two's

Offers a maximum of 11 places for babies and toddlers up to the age of 2 years. Each young child will flourish from within the realms of a secure Key Person relationship, in a secure and stimulating environment. The legal ratio for all children under the age of 2 is 1 adult to a maximum of 3 children (1:3). Our Pink Room is well equipped with a wide range of suitably tailored resources to include sensory exploration, creative play, physical (fine and gross motor) development, as well as a calm and cosy ‘den’ area in which children can relax and rest. For our very youngest children, we will work on individual and personalised routines, devised alongside parents to ensure that we meet the specific needs of very young children.

Toddler Room

Caters for a maximum of 9 children aged 2-3 years of age. The ratio of adult to child becomes 1:4, as children gradually develop their independence. Children will be able to explore from a wide choice of accessible stimulating equipment such as puzzles, role play, creative exploration, small world play and physical exploration. As their awareness of the world begins to develop, we will support their independence by encouraging them to pour their own food/drinks, help to feed our pet fish, water the plants and support each other to tidy up and set the table for lunch or tea. We will work in partnership with parents, offering guidance and support to manage milestones such as toilet training. We have completed a Quality Assurance module: Tailored for Two’s to enable us to offer the best possible start for children at this unique and sometimes challenging stage in a child’s development when they are experiencing rapid growth and change.

Pre-school Room

Green Room offers pre-school provision for a maximum of 21 children aged 3-5 years of age. The adult ratio for this age is 1:8, however your child will receive even more attention as our maximum capacity is 21 children, with 3 adults.

The children will benefit and flourish within and increasingly independent and widely stimulating environment that offers all 7 areas of the EYFS framework, operating on a termly based topic approach.

We are proud to receive feedback from our local ‘feeder’ schools that when our children enter their Reception classes, after graduating from our nursery – they are often confidant, polite and sociable individuals with an enthusiasm for learning.

Nursery Garden

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky”.
Margaret McMillan.

All children will have access to our garden, regardless of their age or the room that they may be based within. The outdoors forms an important part of children’s learning and should not be restricted by the weather. We will support and encourage our children to explore, learn and play outdoors all year round.

Using the park…

As we are a very short distance away from the Melbourne Fields entrance to Valentines Park, we will at times take the children to enjoy the benefits of being able to have access to the park, subject to parental consent. All children will be supported by our policy for outings and visits and will be well supervised at all times.