The nursery has a very strong and experienced Senior Management Team that is comprised of a Senior Manager (Ruby), who is a qualified Early Years teacher with Early Years Professional status and over 28 years of experience in working with young children, as well as a full-time Manager (Amarjeet) who also has a vast amount of experience and holds a degree in Early Years. They are both supported by a very experienced and qualified Deputy Manager (Sarah).

“Managers’ leadership is inspirational”
Ofsted, 2022

Since opening the nursery in 2003, our vision has always been clear – to provide a warm, caring and secure environment for children where they could learn, grow and above all have fun every day, in a calm and relaxing ‘home from home’ atmosphere.

We are fully aware of the dilemmas many parents face when thinking about placing their child into day-care. Whatever your reasons or needs for opting for day-care, most parents, whilst wanting their child to learn and progress – above all want them to feel happy, secure, develop confidence, make friends and enjoy themselves.

At Valentines Nursery, we offer all of the above and more. It is our aim to ensure that each child within our care is afforded the best opportunities we can possibly give them to flourish and shine.

Childhood is such a short-lived and precious time and, as it has been long since known, also the most formative in shaping futures. It is imperative that we do our best to ‘get it right’ and maximise the cultural capital and life potential of the little citizens we care for, regardless of their starting points when they join us – after all, they are the future.

Valentines Nursery supports all children, to develop within a loving environment where British values are nurtured from a young age so that they can grow to be confidant, resilient, sociable individuals with an instilled enthusiasm for life-long learning and positive mental health.

The children, when they leave us, move on with all of the above but most of all with happy memories of some of the best days of their young lives so far. We know that children learn best when they are interested and are having fun with what they are doing. Our aim is to make the best of every single day – to make every day count!

Ruby, Amarjeet, Sarah & all the team.