Since 2017, the Manager has been part of a select steering group alongside other professional representatives from health and education to help write, create and develop a statement for school readiness in the form of the ‘Ready To Learn’ programme for the London Borough of Redbridge, which was officially launched in February 2019. Please see the following link to find out about how you can support your child to develop their ‘school readiness’, which includes pre-natal and maternal health and thus starts from pre-birth until the age of 5.

The programme has been developed and written in response to extensive research, backed by Public Health England which emphasises the impact that positive and ‘well rounded’ early childhood experiences have on us as we grow to become adults. It sets out simple ways in which parents can support their child at home to become ‘school ready’. By following the steps in the programme, parents will be able to enable their child in the wider context of a nurturing family environment to become ready to learn and ready for school. In doing so, this will ensure the laying of a very secure foundation for positive outcomes in adulthood.

Valentines Nursery is proud to have been the only nursery in Redbridge to have been part of the development of the borough’s statement and programme for school readiness. At our nursery, we actively promote and enable our children to become ‘ready to learn’ and we work in positive partnership with our parents to facilitate the best possible impact and outcomes for them.

We recognise and value that every child who walks through our doors is a child with a home, a family, a background, a culture, a personality, individuality, likes/dislikes, emotions and above all ……the absolute potential to succeed, regardless of their starting points. We understand the value of cultural capital and that children need to prepare from birth for their future success. Having a stimulating, loving and nurturing learning environment and working in secure partnership with parents and additional relevant agencies will ensure the positive success for children into adulthood.

This is at the very heart of our ethos and what we aim to do. We know that our impact is very strong as we measure the starting points of our children when they join us and ensure that our teaching and learning environment facilitates positive progression and success. This is not only visibly evident in our children but also supported by our ongoing assessments, which measures the positive impact achieved on an ongoing basis.

We also firmly believe that children should experience joy, laughter and happiness every day and it is the role of all adults within a child’s life to make that happen, wherever possible. Our children will have a fabulous time whilst with us, learning through play, discovering and exploring the wonders of the world….in becoming strong, resilient, happy and well rounded individuals.

Ready to Learn PDF Leaflet