Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with many children and their families. It is always a pleasure to be a part of their most formative years and to be able to recognise that our provision and care has had a direct positive impact in shaping young lives for the better.

We are proud to be able to say that many of our children are second or even third siblings of children we have taught in the past which is the best testimony to our success and the best advertisement one could hope for.

The following feedback presents a sample of views to show what parents think about us and their positive experiences of using us to care for their children.

“Valentines Nursery have always gone above and beyond for our child who has been attending the nursery since he was 11 months old. They have made his transition into nursery, as well as his progression into the older room, seamless.

The communication between the nursery and parents is exceptional as our questions and queries are always answered swiftly and with care.

We are always kept in the loop with health risks, upcoming events and progress our child has made through the EyLog app or via email. All staff members are extremely friendly and provide a welcoming environment for both children and parents.

Our child’s key worker regularly updates us with observations and activities which gives us ideas on how to best adapt learning at home for our child.

We cannot stress enough how much our child loves attending the nursery each and every day. He always mentions how much fun he has with both staff members and peers.

Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do.”

TM & MS (Parents) (Jan 2023)
“Just to say how massively impressed we are with the nursery - and have been for the past 4 years (as you looked after both the kids). We love how you have interacted with the children and treated them as personalities before they could walk properly, how you have contributed to giving them the confidence to be themselves, and how engaged and personable the staff are across the board.

I was also very impressed with how you navigated Covid - the logistics were well thought through and I recall some impressive last minute staffing swaps when people got sick, to ensure you kept your doors open. Thank you! In short, I cannot recommend Valentines Nursery highly enough!”

A.M (Mum) (Jan 2023)
“You guys deserve all the credit for the amazing work you do!

Thank you anyways for making my son feel right at home and allowing him to flourish. He has the best time there and it’s evident by how excited he is to go to nursery. Thank you for being his second family and working so hard to help him with his words/sounds, we have started seeing a big improvement in his attempts at copying words.

Thanks again!”

L.S & F.A (Parents) (Jan 2023)
“Since my son started at Valentines Nursery in September, he has been very happy and content. He is 3 years old and has never been to any nursery or playgroup before this, so I was quite apprehensive about him starting nursery. He settled within a couple of weeks and the staff quickly made him feel at home. I am particularly content that he is safe and well cared for in a home-from- home environment. The children have a good variety of activities and the staff are caring and give us feedback every day. He is also making great progress with his number recognition.”

A.Anwar (Mum) (Jan 2023)
“From the moment we were first shown around the Nursery to now, I have been extremely impressed by the dedication, commitment and professionalism of all the staff.

My baby daughter joined the Nursery a few months ago and settled in very quickly. The settling in process was flexible and very much went at the pace of the needs of my daughter and mine!

The staff are always super accommodating and supportive, which as a first time Mum is incredibly reassuring and she is warmly greeted by whichever member of staff comes to the door. I leave her in complete confidence that her needs are being met and she is safe.

Developmentally I have seen great progress in terms of her social interaction confidence and her physical skills. The children take part in a wide range of activities which support all areas of her development.

I have been particularly impressed at the fantastic communication by all staff. There are daily updates through the app, with photos and videos highlighting particular developments. Emails keep parents well informed with important information and equally the staff are always happy to have a chat at drop off or pick up time. They share any concerns but are equally happy to listen and answer any questions that I may have too.

At our parents evening there was excellent feedback and clear targets were set. Staff share ideas for how we can work towards these targets at home too so there is a consistent approach.

My daughter is always happy every morning at drop off and always happy when I collect her every evening. She ‘chats’ all the way home in the car, which is proof to me that she’s had a fantastic day!

Many people recommended the nursery to me and I am now always recommending Valentine’s Nursery to anyone I can!”

F.B (Mum) (Dec 2022)
“Just some feedback from myself. Both my children attended Valentine’s nursery (my little one still does). They both were/are happy being there and have formed positive attachment to staff at the nursery. Finding the right nursery for my children was a difficult task for me, I saw over 15 nurseries but when met everyone at Valentines, I knew that’s where I wanted to send my little ones. The staff have a warmth about them which isn’t just for the children but also for conveyed to the parents-there has been many times the manager has called to enquire about my health when I was going through difficulties. My child feels safe there and this is key for me. I couldn’t be happier with the staff and environment that they provide. My son feels safe enough to be himself and voice his opinions good or bad to staff which is great.

For my eldest child the transition programme was really well done. My son knew he was going to 'big School’ and settled in very quickly due to the work done my Valentine’s to prepare him for the transition-for that I am thankful.”

S.Sardar (Mum) (Dec 2022)
“Ruby, Amarjeet and the team at Valentines nursery have been an incredibly important part of our two sons' early development. Our 2-year-old still attends and his older brother left in August. We have seen great advancements in both children in terms of physical, social and emotional skills and the nursery staff have done this in a collaborative way throughout, both formally and informally. When dealing with transitions like toilet training, changes in sleep patterns and other physical milestones, they have worked with us to identify action plans that we can influence both at home and at nursery, and have always listened to our ideas in the way that we want to go about these. The nursery is always clear and decisive when managing upcoming projects/events and when communicating these with parents it is clear and respectful. This applies to the case of child illness and the related policies as well.

The learning activities that the boys take part in including arts and crafts, learning about seasons and nature and observing cultural and religious events are welcomed and it’s clear that our boys are always well engaged with these. When we were given a tour of the nursery before registering our first child, we were very comfortable with the balance of learning and play that was promised, and the nursery has always delivered this balance consistently.

In particular I would like to praise the nursery's help in getting the leaving children ready for when they start primary school. Our son was ready to move onto the next step because of the work that they did with the children to help them navigate this change.”

MJ & EC (Parents) (Dec 2022)
“Our son has been attending Valentines Nursery for over 18 months now and I'd like to take this opportunity to share our thoughts so far.

With the support and guidance of the staff at Valentines, he really has developed into a very bright and intelligent 2-year-old! His charming attitude and smart thinking mind is a credit to the team as they have been nothing but welcoming, friendly and kind to our boy. They really have created a fantastic atmosphere for him to learn and play, always with a smile on his face.

The nursery is always clean and well organised and the day is planned around fun games and activities. The nursery is respectful of all faiths and backgrounds, and try their utmost to introduce the children to global festivals and important calendar days. The meals are on time, well planned and healthy and the children also get to enjoy a very important nap during the day. The nursery is extremely particular about the general health of children at the nursery and will immediately inform parents when there is an outbreak of any kind. The communication has always been informative, well timed and detailed.

Valentines Nursery have provided us with the comfort and confidence that our child is being taken care of and supported in the best way possible. It is for this very reason that we have personally recommended this nursery to many parents who have also expressed how brilliant the nursery is.

To summarise, Valentines Nursery really is outstanding! Keep up the great work!”

M.E & H.P (Parents) (Dec 2022)
“My eldest has just started Reception and attended Valentines Nursery since she was 10 months old in the baby room all the way to the pre-school room. As parents, it’s always difficult leaving your children with someone else but we felt very much at ease sending our child in day in day out. My daughter absolutely loved nursery and all her teachers. They looked after her and my daughter who is currently in the toddler room with so much love, patience and dedication!

My children both walked in and came/come out smiling! The staff are friendly approachable and very supportive. My children enjoy the teaching and learning and are always keen their experiences. The management are fantastic and always available to discuss/ answer questions or queries!”

F.K (Mum) (Dec 2022)
“My daughter has been at Valentines Nursery since May 2019 and she has learnt and grown so much in a space of only 4 months.
When she first arrived was not sociable, clingy and not confident, to say in just 4 months she is independent, sociable and super confident and this is thanks to the dedication, commitment, time, effort and energy given during her time there by all staff members. They have also been brilliant in making special efforts due to my daughter's intolerances and have also helped along at times being a new mum.
I would recommend Valentines Nursery.”

Shabnam U (Sept 2019)
“My twins have attended this nursery since they were 11 months old. Since then they have taken to nursery as their home. They have felt so loved and always had the most fun and never hesitated when they were dropped off. The nursery always keeps us updated with progress via an app which goes straight to our email/phones. We get to see instant photos and videos of things they've been doing which is always reassuring. The girls have always cared for them and understood them and knew how each twin had to be cared for individually. They have recently started reception and being the “August babies” I was worried they will be too young and too behind with all the older children but nope. Nursery had got them so well prepped and ready that on their first day they ran in all excited and confident.
My third baby is now settled and enjoying the same experience if not then better, as they are always full of new fun ideas to keep the children going.
An outstanding nursery. Thank you- again and again.”

N.Malik (Sept 2019)
“Very pleased we chose this nursery. Our daughter started last year when she was about 1 and has been well supported by all the staff throughout her time with Valentines. From what I’ve seen, the staff are really great with the kids, who are encouraged to be polite and respectful to each other, get involved in a good variety of developmental activities and have fun in the process! Communication with parents is good, the food seems to be fine, the outside space is a bit limited (compared to some other local nurseries) but seems to be used by kids at every opportunity. Where I feel Valentines really excels is forming great relationships between the kids and the staff, and among the kids too - so very important in the early years. Will be sending the youngest there too.
Our daughter, like others, clearly has a very good time at nursery, which is wonderful to see! Thank you.”

A.Maslennikova (Sept 2019)
“We have loved having our son attend Valentines Nursery. He started at 10 months old and his development accelerated straight away. The staff in his room are amazing and he loves seeing them every morning. The managers communicate really well and really know all of the children as well. All in all, a great nursery and good value for money too.”

Michael J (Sept 2019)
“I am delighted that my daughter was accepted into the nursery as it has set her head and shoulders above others now in her school reception class. Her knowledge of numbers, letters, nature and bonding with other children was definitely made here. The staff are always at hand to provide there knowledge and experience to the children. My daughter especially loved the garden area where she could climb, build, bug hunt and lots more. In the summer the children watch the butterflies released which was a very memorable event for my daughter as it was shared with friends. I can’t fault anything regarding the nursery nothing was too much trouble. A valuable team of staff in an amazing environment for children to grow and learn and also make lifelong friendships.”

Kirsty Locker (2019)
“Great nursery, very clean and love the communication between parent and keyworker about my child's daily activities. Up to date diary inputs as well. I feel at ease knowing my child is in good hands.”

M.Bassey (2019)
“My daughter has been at Valentines Nursery since she was twelve months old and since the start, they have been fantastic. They listen to the parent and the child's needs and always respond quickly to emails/telephone calls in case I have a query. They regularly send video or picture observations which is lovely as I can see what activities she has participated in. Whilst she has been at the nursery, I have seen a great change in her social needs, she has become more confident and talkative and her personality is shining through. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Hafsa Ahmed (2019)
“My daughter started at Valentines Nursery in August 2018 at 10 months old. It took me several weeks of research and several nursery visits until I found them and the second I walked in I knew that they were the right choice for my baby. She loves every second she spends there and it has a very visible and positive effect on her with her development improving day by day. Such lovely, friendly and smiley staff. Very warm family environment and all kids are taken care of individually and equally. Glad to be part of Valentines Nursery.”

Esther Vernon (2018)
“My son joined Valentines Nursery in September 2017 and he absolutely loves it there! The staff are very friendly and approachable and the facilities are excellent. My son has been at Valentines Nursery for almost a year and I have seen an exceptional amount of progress in his learning. His speech has improved dramatically, he is more creative, confident and has a greater understanding of the world. I am regularly given updates on his progress and the activities that he took part in during the day. I really cannot recommend this nursery enough; the staff have been absolutely amazing! You can see why they have been awarded 'outstanding' by Ofsted!”

M.Shafi (2018)
“Lovely nursery with such a kind approach to children. I love the supportive ethos and the focus on play and confidence / social development. My girl loves it there.”

Sam Worby (2018)
“My daughter has been going to this nursery for 2 years now and she loves it, recently her younger brother started nursery and he has settled in just fine. I have seen my children change and develop their own personality and they love going to nursery to see their friends and the staff. They have a built a good relationship with all the staff members and the best thing is that the staff members also build a relationship with the parents. It feels like we've known everyone for ages and they always remember even the smallest details. An amazing nursery and amazing staff = A happy mummy.”

Jaspreet Kaur (2018)
“Both my children went to Valentines Nursery and I would highly recommend this nursery. Both my children have enjoyed themselves tremendously, learnt loads through active play, activities and have gained lots of confidence. The staff are outstanding and have shown so much care. Valentines Nursery provides a homely environment creating a very safe environment for the children. I would like to say thank you to all the staff for being so great.”

Raj Bhari (2018)
“This nursery has been awarded 'outstanding' and it really lives up to this well-deserved title.
My daughter has been at this nursery just over 1.5 years and I have been so happy with quality of care she receives.
The staff are amazing and very friendly. Most of the staff have been working at the nursery for a long time (10years+) and that to me speaks volumes. The staff must be managed well for some staff to stay this long with one organisation.

My daughter is happy at the nursery and has learned and progressed tremendously. I'm so happy with how far she has come, I couldn't ask for more. Nothing is ever too much to ask for this nursery. They go above and beyond. I feel confident in leaving my child at the nursery knowing she will be well looked after for the day. Staff are so good with her and she even talks about the staff when she gets home.
I would highly recommend and this nursery will give your child a good foundation to progress successfully onto school.”

N.Sumbal (2018-19)
“We have been very happy with the care our children have received at Valentines Nursery. My two boys are well settled and enjoy their time at the nursery. Their key workers have been brilliant and they have kept us regularly informed about how the boys are doing. I would definitely recommend Valentines to other parents.”

Reema Johal (2018)
“My 14 month old baby started going to Valentine’s nursery a little over a month ago and by now I feel happy and confident leaving him there. All the members of the staff worked very hard helping him settle. They also are very sensitive to each child’s personality which is something every parent wants when they are away from their child. I would highly recommend Valentine’s nursery to all those looking for a friendly environment where the child can learn easily.”

H. Baig (2017-19)
“My husband and I are extremely thankful to the staff at Valentines for supporting our daughter through the stages of her development. We're regularly updated on how she is doing and about the different things that she takes part in at the nursery. We feel she has already made heaps of progress due to the commitment from the staff. We would highly recommend Valentines!”

Fatima Farhana (Dec 2017)
“I would highly recommend Valentines Nursery. All three of my children have been very fortunate to be in a friendly environment where safety and security are paramount. Individual care is given to each child and needs are catered for. My boys were always eager to go time and time again. The friendly, personal service and care for the kids is evident. The environment is well thought through and children are always offered the best activities to develop key skills that I have not been able to do at home. I always questioned the staff who consistently were helpful and were always adapting to the needs of my children and giving and excellent service.”

P. Dhaliwal (2017-18)
“I have had 3 children attend Valentines Nursery and my son is currently there.

The nursery has always provided excellent care and the staff are brilliant and they aim to work with each child to develop their strengths.

I would definitely recommend Valentines Nursery as it's been a second home to my children.”

Shabana Yousfaf (2017-18)
“It is with regret that we left Valentines Nursery when moving to Scotland this year. From day one, Ruby and her staff have been trustworthy and have shown great care towards our daughter. Ruby has been great in providing ad-hoc childcare when staff numbers allowed it.

Finding a nursery which matched Valentines Nursery’s level of care was not easy! I would definitely recommend to any parents looking for a safe and fun place for their children to spend their time, whilst at work.If we could have, we would have picked up the nursery and have taken it to Scotland with us when we moved!”

M. Besnard (2017)

“I cannot recommend this Nursery enough! My daughter started when she was 1. Since being at the Nursery she has become a lively, bubbly little girl with a great personality. She has developed so much confidence and this is all thanks to the staff at Valentines Nursery.

The Nursery is always clean and set out well for the children. It is also great to see that the children get a chance to make choices for themselves by being allowed to access toys independently.

My daughter has developed such a positive relationship with her key worker that she often asks to go to her even on the days that she does not attend Nursery!

I strongly believe that Valentines has provided a solid foundation for my daughter for when she starts full time school. It is her home away from home and a place where she has learnt so much.

I would definitely recommend this Nursery to parents who want peace of mind when they leave their child at Nursery.”

Mr & Mrs Bhundia (2017)

“Our daughter has been going to Valentine's Nursery since 2014. We are so happy with how she has progressed from a little baby to a young lady with the help and support from all the staff at Valentines Nursery. The staff are very friendly, warming and loving towards our daughter, which has helped her settle in and enjoy her time at the nursery. We are extremely pleased with how advanced our daughter is compared to some other children her age, again this is with the education and support she receives from the nursery. We would really recommend this Nursery.”

Mr & Mrs Kulsi (2017)

“We moved away from the area but we're still sad we had to move nursery as a result. Our daughter was cared so well for by everyone, and she still mentions the staff by name. The staff/parent communication is excellent, and made this nursery a home from home. Well done to Ruby and all of her team, we always knew our daughter was so well cared for every day.”

N.Watts (2017)

“It's comforting for us as parents to not only see that our daughter is growing and learning at this nursery but that she is genuinely keen to go there every day. She really enjoys her time there. Staff take excellent care of her and keep us informed of everything we might want to know about. Really pleased we found this nursery - and not surprised it gained an Ofsted 'Outstanding' rating....!”

Gary M (2017)

“I have had 3 children attend Valentines Nursery and my son is currently there.

The nursery has always provided excellent care and the staff are brilliant and they aim to work with each child to develop their strengths.

I would definitely recommend Valentines Nursery as it's been a second home to my children.”

Shabana Y (2017)

“I chose Valentines Nursery, originally back in 2010, for childcare for my first born. I visited several nurseries, and, Valentines was one of the few where the atmosphere was calm, the children respected and the environment enabling. Despite the Nursery adding an additional hour travel time a day, I have continued to use them for childcare of two subsequent children. The knowledge that my children are safe and nurtured is invaluable. The core leadership and staff have been consistent over the last 7 years and all new staff employed have shown the same level of commitment and care. The EYFS framework is fully understood and the developmental needs of the children are catered for. There is also an effort to engage parents in their child's time at nursery, e g. the daily communication books, open events and parents evenings. The only downside at the nursery is the smaller than average outdoor area. However, this is fully utilised as well as the nearby Valentines park.”

Kelly B (2017)

“I highly recommend this nursery! My first daughter attended Valentines Nursery from 2012 to 2014, where she then moved on to Reception Year at primary school. My family moved away from the local Ilford area in 2013. However, we continued to send our first daughter to Valentines Nursery, as the support and development that this nursery provided was second to none. I have such continued confidence in this nursery that I enrolled my second daughter here in 2015. Since enrolment, my second daughter has developed extremely well. I fully intend to keep my second daughter at Valentines Nursery until 2018, as the nursery’s proven track record will ensure that she is fully prepared for life in Reception Year at primary school.”

Rupesh P (2017)

“My son has been there since he was 6 months and I cannot think of better people to care for him. I have never had to worry that any of the girls will fail him in his needs or that he would not get the attention he needs. My son will be moving to another nursery soon and I am actually going to miss the security I felt with having my son there. Girls are all wonderful with no exceptions!The manager is very professional and able and has the sole interest of the children and she cares about her staff. There is not a high turnover and that speaks volumes!”

Nirala B (2017)

“My daughter attended this nursery for a good 2 years and it was 2 years that she really enjoyed. The staff were kind and loving to the children and my daughter never wanted to come home she will never forget the memories she made there and that's why I recommend this nursery for any parents trying to find somewhere for their little one. Thank you Valentines Nursery from me and my daughter.”

T. Lawson (2017)

“My eldest daughter attended Valentines Nursery from 2006 to 2009. She absolutely thrived in the environment because it provided a stimulating place for her to learn and develop, but was also homely and welcoming. We felt that she was part of a family and some of the friends she made at Valentines are still part of her life now. When I was looking for a nursery for my second daughter in 2016, I was delighted to discover that Valentines is still the same relaxed and friendly place it was back then. A number of the staff are the same seven years on, which is a testimony to what a good place it is to work. My partner and I can go to work knowing that our daughter is safe and loved, and having lots of fun; a working parent can’t really ask for anything more.”

H Cansick & M Walker (September 2016)

“My daughter Fiza has been at the nursery for the past 3 years. It has been a pleasure having her at Valentines Nursery. She has been taught the greatest manners and education through play and love. The staff are extremely helpful and polite and will go out of their way to assist with daily routines. I look forward for her to go on to Reception as I know that she has had a good head start. I thank all of the staff at Valentines Nursery for having Fiza.”

Nadia & Faisal Arshad (August 2016)

“Both of my girls went to Valentines Nursery. Staff are very friendly and approachable. When my eldest daughter started, I was nervous about leaving her but the staff always made me feel comfortable whenever I rang to ask how she was. The girls enjoyed every minute of going to Valentines Nursery. My youngest daughter also loves going, she attends 3 days a week and even on her days off – she wants to go in!

I would highly recommend Valentines Nursery.”

Siama Hussain (August 2016)

“Aila started Valentines Nursery at a very young age. She settled in quickly and loved the cosy and welcoming atmosphere. She has loved every day she has attended and teachers and staff have been absolutely wonderful. Aila has learnt a lot in these past few years and will miss everyone out there. Thank you for having Aila at Valentines Nursery. We will miss you.”

Ayesha Kayani (August 2016)

“Daiyaan has been attending Valentines Nursery since he was 2 years old. He has learned and grown so much during his time here. He has made lots of friends and enjoys coming to nursery.

As a parent I looked at many different nurseries before I decided on Valentines Nursery – as soon as I walked in and had a look around, I knew it was the right place for my child.

So, thank you Valentines Nursery – we will miss you and thanks for giving my son the best start in life!”

Smiya Ahmed (July 2016)

“Valentines is a fantastic nursery. All the staff go out of their way to welcome and care for my one year old son. He is included and stimulated in a range of activities and is always happy, this is a testament to how well he has been looked after by the exceptional nursery staff.

Haris is my 3rd child at Valentines and I had no hesitation in enrolling him into the nursery. Raees and Imani enjoyed their time at Valentines and the transition from nursery to school has been amazing.”

Khansa Ahmed (June 2016)
Mum to Haris

“I am very pleased with the care Parnika received at nursery. The initial days when the little one is settling down is very tough for parents. She learned everything through play at nursery. Thank you for making Parnika’s stay at nursery so lovely…she is missing you already!”

Divya Peddi (May 2016)

“All three of our children have attended Valentines Nursery over the years. The staff have consistently supported us as a family providing peace of mind for us as parents knowing our children have been part of a caring, enjoyable environment, learning and growing in ability. We would like to thank all the staff for their daily enthusiasm and the conscientious approach to childcare the nursery delivers.”

P & J Donovan (May, 2016)

“My daughter has been at Valentines Nursery since she was 14 months old, she was a shy and a reserved little girl and has grown up to be a confident and mature little madam. The staff show great interest and affection when we arrive each morning, this helps me to feel secure about my child’s welfare and that I am leaving her in their capable hands. They have given her the very best possible start and prepared her brilliantly for her transition to primary school.

I have been delighted with the care and education my daughter receives and it will be sad to say goodbye this year.

A real little gem of a place, right on our doorstep. Thank you to everyone and keep doing what you are doing!

Thank You Valentines Nursery for helping her grow.”

Sadia Patel (2016)

“My baby is happy in this nursery. We plan to continue here. Thank you so much.”

Olga M (2016)

“I have 2 children at the nursery. When looking out for nurseries with my first child, the thing I liked the most about Valentines Nursery was and is that it feels like a home. So it was as if my kids were transitioning from home to home. A lot of staff have been there for a while and the manager is always open to feedback. The environment is very safe and is constantly improved. The children are made to feel important and the setting and environment is friendly and very supportive. I would definitely recommend it… 10/10.”

Elizabeth F (2016)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your amazing staff for the wonderful job you have done of looking after our three children. Our oldest, who is now leaving to start school, has never said that he doesn’t want to come to nursery and he has been there for 3.5 years! That is a true testament to how much he enjoys it. He has formed amazing bonds with all the staff. We know how hard you and your staff work to ensure that the pupils are well looked after and supported with their own individual needs and targets. The staff are so friendly and supportive and we feel that we can discuss any of our parental concerns with them.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t apprehensive about my son starting school as I know that he has always been well nurtured and cared for at Valentines. I guess, now it is time for the next chapter in his life and he has had a great start by attending your nursery. Once again, a huge thank you in all that you and your staff have done and are still doing, in helping our children feel safe, cared for and loved during the most important times of their development.”

Mr & Mrs Gilligan (2015)

“Both of my sons have been very happy at Valentines Nursery. The nursery has a homely feel to it and the staff are very caring. As well as being a secure place where my sons can have fun playing and making friends, it’s also a great learning environment.”

Beth Hatherall (2014)

“My husband and I have been delighted with the care and fun our two sons have had at Valentines Nursery. It’s a home from home. What means the most to us is the personal feel of the place, the low turnover of staff and the fun everyone seems to have together.”

Joanne & Rafe Smallman (2014)

“My daughter came to Valentines Nursery from when she was 9 months until she left to start school. She loved coming in to see all her friends and the staff. She had built some very strong relationships amongst the staff and would often talk positively about nursery at home. My daughter has developed in leaps and bounds and is now a very sociable and loving little girl – which I credit to the support and care that the staff gave her every day. Thank you and keep up your good work!”

T. Thraves (2014)

“Valentines Nursery was a clear choice for my children. The nurturing environment, the friendly and professional staff made my decision easy. All 3 of my children attended Valentines Nursery. My eldest started off as being shy, a fussy eater and very clingy. He left there oozing with confidence and settled into his school with complete ease. My second child had issues with his speech. The staff at Valentines were quick to pick up on it and were extremely supportive and helpful, both to him and to myself. The strong foundations set for him by Valentines have played a big role in his abilities now, which are growing from strength to strength. My youngest has also come along in leaps and bounds at this nursery. They are great at identifying a child’s needs, supporting them where they struggle and always encouraging them to achieve! I have a lot to be grateful for! Thank you Valentines Nursery.”

Lubna Farooqi Hameed (2008)