All of our meals are freshly prepared and cooked on site by our Nursery Cook. Children attending for a full day will be offered breakfast, lunch & dessert and then Tea in the afternoon. Children attending for half days will receive either breakfast and lunch or Tea, depending on the session. Our timings for meals are as follows:

Breakfast: Served between 8-8:50am. Children can choose from a selection of non-sweetened cereals such a Weetabix, cornflakes, rice Krispies, porridge and toast, with warm or cool milk or water to drink.

Lunch & Dessert: 11:00am for under 2’s/11:30am for 2 years and over. Children are offered freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced quality meals with vegetarian or non-vegetarian options. Dessert is also freshly prepared and includes a range of low sugar and healthily balanced options.

Tea: Afternoon tea is served at 3.00pm and is a light meal which may include sandwich options, home-made soups, pasta, couscous, grilled kebabs and salad.

Snacks: A platter of fresh seasonal fruit is served to children mid-morning and again towards the late afternoon. Children are offered milk or water to drink.

Babies: We are able to cater for very young babies and will work closely with parents to devise a suitable weaning programme to gradually introduce a wide range of freshly made purees using a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and fish (if appropriate).

One of our menus…

  Lunch Dessert Tea
Monday Mixed Mexican vegetable fajitas with salad Greek yoghurt with fresh blueberries Spinach and ricotta pasta
Tuesday Roast chicken dinner or vegetable falafels with steamed kale, carrots, roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding Fresh fruit salad Tuna or cheese and cucumber sandwiches
Wednesday Spanish cheesy omelette with garlic mushrooms Strawberries and cream Chicken or vegetable cous cous
Thursday Fish bake with peas or Chickpea crumble Cheese and grapes Home-made butternut squash soup with toasted croutons
Friday Lebanese rice (lamb mince) with vegetables or vegetable rice with Greek yoghurt Blushing beetroot brownies Homemade vegetable samosas with cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks and mint yoghurt dip

We continuously review our menus to ensure that they are healthily balanced nutritious, enjoyable, tasty and well presented as well as catering to the various dietary requirements of the children we cater for.

When devising our menu, we pay consideration to the following factors:

  • Offering a balance between various food groups – including a wide range of fresh, quality ingredients.
  • Offering a wide range of meals that are nutritious but also tasty and appealing to young children.
  • Preparing food in a healthy way to maintain the nutritional value of ingredients used – such as steaming our vegetables, baking rather than frying.
  • Using as many fresh ingredients as possible and encouraging children to develop a broad palette and try new foods.
  • Providing a menu that can be suitably adjusted and tailored to meet the needs and stages of weaning for babies and very young children.
  • Using a minimal amount of salt and sugar within our dishes and desserts.
  • Encouraging and supporting young children to make healthy choices.

Our menu is offered on a four week rotation throughout the year. We offer a broad range of dishes that reflect the needs of the children we cater for. Our dishes widely reflect a range of cultures and can be tailored to meet specific dietary requirements.

Our mealtimes are developed and supported to be pleasant social occasions. Staff will encourage the children to help to set the table with a nice tablecloth and flowers and will sit down with the children to help them develop a number of important skills, including table manners and engaging in good social conversation. We will support the children to eat, as necessary and according to their needs, whilst also encouraging them to develop their independence and physical skills in learning to feed themselves, cutting their own food, dishing out their own meals and even pouring their own water. This not only supports physical development but also encourages their understanding of portion size. The older children are also encouraged to help to tidy up after mealtimes.