Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with many children and their families. It is always a pleasure to be a part of their most formative years and to be able to recognise that our provision and care has had a direct positive impact in shaping young lives for the better.

We are proud to be able to say that many of our children are second or even third siblings of children we have taught in the past which is the best testimony to our success and the best advertisement one could hope for.

The following feedback presents a sample of views to show what parents think about us and their positive experiences of using us to care for their children.

“My eldest daughter attended Valentines Nursery from 2006 to 2009. She absolutely thrived in the environment because it provided a stimulating place for her to learn and develop, but was also homely and welcoming. We felt that she was part of a family and some of the friends she made at Valentines are still part of her life now. When I was looking for a nursery for my second daughter in 2016, I was delighted to discover that Valentines is still the same relaxed and friendly place it was back then. A number of the staff are the same seven years on, which is a testimony to what a good place it is to work. My partner and I can go to work knowing that our daughter is safe and loved, and having lots of fun; a working parent can’t really ask for anything more.”

H Cansick & M Walker (September 2016)

“My daughter Fiza has been at the nursery for the past 3 years. It has been a pleasure having her at Valentines Nursery. She has been taught the greatest manners and education through play and love. The staff are extremely helpful and polite and will go out of their way to assist with daily routines. I look forward for her to go on to Reception as I know that she has had a good head start. I thank all of the staff at Valentines Nursery for having Fiza.”

Nadia & Faisal Arshad (August 2016)

“Both of my girls went to Valentines Nursery. Staff are very friendly and approachable. When my eldest daughter started, I was nervous about leaving her but the staff always made me feel comfortable whenever I rang to ask how she was. The girls enjoyed every minute of going to Valentines Nursery. My youngest daughter also loves going, she attends 3 days a week and even on her days off – she wants to go in!

I would highly recommend Valentines Nursery.”

Siama Hussain (August 2016)

“Aila started Valentines Nursery at a very young age. She settled in quickly and loved the cosy and welcoming atmosphere. She has loved every day she has attended and teachers and staff have been absolutely wonderful. Aila has learnt a lot in these past few years and will miss everyone out there. Thank you for having Aila at Valentines Nursery. We will miss you.”

Ayesha Kayani (August 2016)

“Daiyaan has been attending Valentines Nursery since he was 2 years old. He has learned and grown so much during his time here. He has made lots of friends and enjoys coming to nursery.

As a parent I looked at many different nurseries before I decided on Valentines Nursery – as soon as I walked in and had a look around, I knew it was the right place for my child.

So, thank you Valentines Nursery – we will miss you and thanks for giving my son the best start in life!”

Smiya Ahmed (July 2016)

“Valentines is a fantastic nursery. All the staff go out of their way to welcome and care for my one year old son. He is included and stimulated in a range of activities and is always happy, this is a testament to how well he has been looked after by the exceptional nursery staff.

Haris is my 3rd child at Valentines and I had no hesitation in enrolling him into the nursery. Raees and Imani enjoyed their time at Valentines and the transition from nursery to school has been amazing.”

Khansa Ahmed (June 2016)
Mum to Haris

“I am very pleased with the care Parnika received at nursery. The initial days when the little one is settling down is very tough for parents. She learned everything through play at nursery. Thank you for making Parnika’s stay at nursery so lovely…she is missing you already!”

Divya Peddi (May 2016)

“All three of our children have attended Valentines Nursery over the years. The staff have consistently supported us as a family providing peace of mind for us as parents knowing our children have been part of a caring, enjoyable environment, learning and growing in ability. We would like to thank all the staff for their daily enthusiasm and the conscientious approach to childcare the nursery delivers.”

P & J Donovan (May, 2016)

“My daughter has been at Valentines Nursery since she was 14 months old, she was a shy and a reserved little girl and has grown up to be a confident and mature little madam. The staff show great interest and affection when we arrive each morning, this helps me to feel secure about my child’s welfare and that I am leaving her in their capable hands. They have given her the very best possible start and prepared her brilliantly for her transition to primary school.

I have been delighted with the care and education my daughter receives and it will be sad to say goodbye this year.

A real little gem of a place, right on our doorstep. Thank you to everyone and keep doing what you are doing!

Thank You Valentines Nursery for helping her grow.”

Sadia Patel (2016)

“My baby is happy in this nursery. We plan to continue here. Thank you so much.”

Olga M (2016)

“I have 2 children at the nursery. When looking out for nurseries with my first child, the thing I liked the most about Valentines Nursery was and is that it feels like a home. So it was as if my kids were transitioning from home to home. A lot of staff have been there for a while and the manager is always open to feedback. The environment is very safe and is constantly improved. The children are made to feel important and the setting and environment is friendly and very supportive. I would definitely recommend it… 10/10.”

Elizabeth F (2016)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your amazing staff for the wonderful job you have done of looking after our three children. Our oldest, who is now leaving to start school, has never said that he doesn’t want to come to nursery and he has been there for 3.5 years! That is a true testament to how much he enjoys it. He has formed amazing bonds with all the staff. We know how hard you and your staff work to ensure that the pupils are well looked after and supported with their own individual needs and targets. The staff are so friendly and supportive and we feel that we can discuss any of our parental concerns with them.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t apprehensive about my son starting school as I know that he has always been well nurtured and cared for at Valentines. I guess, now it is time for the next chapter in his life and he has had a great start by attending your nursery. Once again, a huge thank you in all that you and your staff have done and are still doing, in helping our children feel safe, cared for and loved during the most important times of their development.”

Mr & Mrs Gilligan (2015)

“Both of my sons have been very happy at Valentines Nursery. The nursery has a homely feel to it and the staff are very caring. As well as being a secure place where my sons can have fun playing and making friends, it’s also a great learning environment.”

Beth Hatherall (2014)

“My husband and I have been delighted with the care and fun our two sons have had at Valentines Nursery. It’s a home from home. What means the most to us is the personal feel of the place, the low turnover of staff and the fun everyone seems to have together.”

Joanne & Rafe Smallman (2014)

“My daughter came to Valentines Nursery from when she was 9 months until she left to start school. She loved coming in to see all her friends and the staff. She had built some very strong relationships amongst the staff and would often talk positively about nursery at home. My daughter has developed in leaps and bounds and is now a very sociable and loving little girl – which I credit to the support and care that the staff gave her every day. Thank you and keep up your good work!”

T. Thraves (2014)

“Valentines Nursery was a clear choice for my children. The nurturing environment, the friendly and professional staff made my decision easy. All 3 of my children attended Valentines Nursery. My eldest started off as being shy, a fussy eater and very clingy. He left there oozing with confidence and settled into his school with complete ease. My second child had issues with his speech. The staff at Valentines were quick to pick up on it and were extremely supportive and helpful, both to him and to myself. The strong foundations set for him by Valentines have played a big role in his abilities now, which are growing from strength to strength. My youngest has also come along in leaps and bounds at this nursery. They are great at identifying a child’s needs, supporting them where they struggle and always encouraging them to achieve! I have a lot to be grateful for! Thank you Valentines Nursery.”

Lubna Farooqi Hameed (2008)